Oficina virtual aguas de valencia

Oficina virtual aguas de valencia


The change of the water holder in Valencia is very simple. You simply have to present the necessary documentation through one of the channels provided by EMIVASA. These can be:
In order to carry out the change of holder, regardless of where the procedure is done, it will be necessary to present certain documentation, either in person or through the virtual office of Emivasa.
The advantages of changing the account holder with Emivasa derive mainly from the fact that, when the account is in your name, you can carry out all the procedures you want online through the virtual office.

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Do you want to contact EMIVASA? We indicate the different methods of Customer Service of the Valencian water supplier, such as telephone contact, the virtual office, the head office, e-mails.
EMIVASA has different customer service points throughout Valencia. In them you can make all the arrangements you want about the water supply. It is important to make an appointment:
The virtual office, either EMIVASA’s or Aguas de Valencia’s, is the main method of contact with the water supply company of Valencia in a telematic way. Through it you can carry out different procedures such as:
EMIVASA has two e-mail addresses from which all the doubts that you may have are solved. One is for customer service and the other for the media, such as newspapers, television or radio:


Within 48 working hours after formalizing the contract, unless it is impossible to access the property, contact the customer, or any other technical or administrative problem attributable to the owner or the customer.
In most towns, the amount to be billed in a new contract includes the following items: administrative expenses, installation and placement of the meter, and the corresponding deposits. You can consult the exact amount of the registration fee for a specific town in our customer service telephone number 96 386 06 00.
In order to be able to carry out any management by internet through the virtual office and to receive the mail correctly as well as the notifications (registered letters that only the contract holder can pick up).
To take a reading, there are two formats for presenting the reading. Regardless of the meter format, only the digits in black will be considered when taking the reading (reading in m3).

Oficina virtual aguas de valencia en línea

Thanks to its long history, the Aguas de Valencia Group is already a national and international reference in drinking water supply, sanitation, purification, irrigation and construction and maintenance of hydraulic works, becoming a real economic, social and environmental driving force in the municipalities in which it operates.
It also has an increasingly consolidated presence in water quality management, through the GAMASER laboratory, the integral maintenance of irrigation hydraulic infrastructures (OPERAGUA), the implementation of management systems (ISG) and other vehicle maintenance services (ITV) and telecommunications (ADESAL TELECOM).
Empresa General Valenciana del Agua S.A. (EGEVASA) was founded in 1988 by the Provincial Council of Valencia to provide solutions to the problems related to the water cycle suffered by some municipalities in the province of Valencia.
Aguas de Valencia is also present in the telecommunications sector through Adeslas Telecom, a company in which it participates together with Abertis and Banco de Valencia, and which is dedicated to the implementation, operation management and maintenance of the Corporate Network of Mobile Digital Emergency and Security Communications of the Valencian Community (Red COMDES).

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