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Start practicing before you get to the counter at Pizzeria Al Cuadrado: «give me 8 centimeters of conference pear pizza, gorgonzola cheese and walnuts for lunch, and 15 centimeters of Parma ham, fresh white cheese and pink pepper for dinner.»

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UPDATED 02/07/2017.    THEY HAVE CLOSED THE LOCAL OF BALLESTA AND ARE ONLY IN THE GOURMET EXPERIENCE OF THE CORTE INGLÉS DE CALLAO AND NUEVOS MINISTERIOS Pizzeria «al taglio» with unaspizzas super, super ricas. For me it is one of the best pizzerias in Madrid, also has some pizzas with very original flavors.
If you go there, ask for one with truffle, you will love it. The potato with truffle for example, is delicious, it will sound strange, potato with truffle? well yes, but it’s worth a try, sure you will repeat.
They have an interesting wine list for a pizzeria, and with that for me wins points, you can have a rich wine, not the typical Lambrusco they have in all the Italians, but a real wine, and pizza. I like it.

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We don’t usually talk about restaurants in this blog, as it is not our goal, but when there is one that we particularly like we highlight it, why not? Besides, tourists always make stops along the way and if the place is nice and offers a good culinary offer, all the better. Today we will talk about Pizza al Cuadrado, a bar/restaurant that offers portions by weight in Madrid, but where the decor and atmosphere also become an incentive to enter.
Located in Calle Ballesta 10, this place belongs to the association Triball -triángulo de Ballesta- , composed of a number of businesses located in the nearby streets and that was born with the aim of rehabilitating this area. I highlight it because it seems to me an initiative full of interest and that has paid off, because the establishments in this area seem to me all delicious.

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I thought it was a place without more, but it turns out that the concept of this bar is much talked about in the networks: pizza al taglio, by weight, you indicate more or less how big you want the slice and they weigh it and charge you. It’s not particularly cheap (I paid 5,5€ for two slices, when the average pizza slice in Madrid is around 2€?) but the originality of the pizzas, I guess, is worth it. Figs with parmesan? Pumpkin cream with bacon? Eggplant with pesto? Fan as I am of these kinds of odd combinations, Al Cuadrado Taglio Bar really got under my skin. They say that they have «the best pizzas in Madrid», but I don’t know the market well enough to confirm it. In any case, it’s cool.