Letra de la cancion feliz navidad en español

My wishes / merry christmas

On this occasion, we are going to remember the lyrics of the carol «Merry Christmas», one of the most popular and also one of the easiest to learn because of its few lyrics. Besides, as it contains parts in English, the kids usually find it very funny. Everybody sing along!
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Nowadays, after the decline of the old form of the villancico, the term is known more as a genre of song whose lyrics refer to Christmas and which is traditionally sung on those dates.
Its name probably has its origin in the fact that they are compositions of a popular nature, sung by the villains or inhabitants of the villages, generally peasants or other rural inhabitants. They were sung at popular festivals, originally without a specifically religious theme, and the main themes were the recent events of the town or region. The genre was later expanded to include a variety of themes.
The poetic form is influenced by traditional compositions of Mozarabic origin, such as the zéjel, which alternated stanzas sung by a soloist with a choral refrain. This gave way to other forms such as the cantiga de estribillo or the Galaico-Portuguese cantiga de refram.
Within the evolution of the villancico in America there are also the so-called villancicos de negro or negrillos, in which the sound of the African dialects is imitated with onomatopoeias. Among these, those of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz are particularly well known, in which she augurs, among other things, the liberation of the black population.

Merry christmas lyrics in spanish

Messages to send by email the best wishes to family, friends and acquaintances. to all I want to wish you always, happiness is a great present, it’s time for us to enjoy, lots of peace come and sing.
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Mary’s little boy child

Fish in the river’ is one of the most famous popular carols sung in every home at Christmas. The date of creation is not known for certain, but it is believed that it began to be popularized from the second half of the twentieth century.
Hands up who has not sung at some time one of the most famous carols in history and that is sung in hundreds of homes Christmas after Christmas. It is one of our favorite carols.
It has a curiosity that catches our attention since we all think that it talks about Holland, the country, when in fact everything seems to point to Olanda, without the hache, which is the name of the star that the Magi followed to the portal of Bethlehem.