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(N.E. As a preamble to the Intertional Bancassurance Forum to be held on June 5 at the Hesperia Hotel in Madrid, Luis Badrinas, Executive Partner of Community of Insurance, has coordinated the interview with Antonio Trueba, CEO of VidaCaixa, which is also published in Funds People and INESE’s BDS.)
AT. From the point of view of profitability, insurance offers everything from managed products in any asset category, such as unit-linked or PIAS, to guaranteed products where the client knows in advance what he or she will receive. Between these two extremes there are also intermediate combinations such as guaranteed minimum rate products plus profit sharing.
With regard to liquidity, there are fully liquid products, illiquid while active, such as PPAs, and illiquid until death, such as some types of annuities. Obviously, this greater or lesser liquidity ends up offering different advantages in terms of profitability and taxation, the analysis of which should form part of the construction of an ideal portfolio.

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El evento atrajo a representantes de multinacionales españolas y extranjeras como IBM, Gas Natural, Diebold, EMC Computer System y Citigroup, así como a los principales corredores y consultores de beneficios para empleados como Marsh, Willis y Watson Wyatt.
El punto álgido de la mañana fue la presentación de Damien Teisseire, Head of Pensions & Benefits en EMEA Citigroup, que aportó el punto de vista de un cliente de la Red, explicando cómo establecer una estrategia multinacional de beneficios para los empleados, y enumerando las ventajas de los pools internacionales.

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Antonio Trueba (VidaCaixa) will chair the Pension Funds Grouping of InvercoAntonio Trueba, representing VidaCaixa, has been appointed president of the Pension Funds Grouping of Inverco, which held its General Assembly on Monday. He replaces Juan Fernández, representing Mapfre Vida y Pensiones. In addition, Miguel Colombás, representing Allianz Popular AM), has been appointed president of the Grouping of Collective Investment Institutions; both Trueba and Colombás will also be vice-presidents of the association.
The Assembly approved the incorporation as ordinary members of Abante Pensiones, Acacia Inversión, Altamar Capital Privado, AzValor AM, La Française Iberia, Liberbank Gestión, Neila Capital Partners, Solventis, Surne and Trea AM; and as associate members, Ahorro Corporación and Cecabank.

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«Our society is increasingly aware of the need for long-term savings and, at VidaCaixa, we provide an effective response through advice for our customers, complemented by the best range of products and a deep conviction that our activity provides great social value», in the words of Tomás Muniesa, CEO of the entity.
VidaCaixa leads the ranking of pension plans with a market share of 22.9% (+1.4%). Assets under management grew by 8.8% compared to 2015, a much higher rate than the other entities in the top positions of the ranking.
The individual system was the biggest driver of VidaCaixa’s leadership in pension plans, with €15,715 million in assets under management (16,433.8 including EPSV), 13.1% more than in 2015, in an environment that grew by 3.6%. These figures include the assets of Barclays pension plans.
Premiums and contributions reached €10,024 million, an increase of 36.3%. In particular, individual life-savings insurance premiums grew the most (+39%), reaching a total of 8,116.4 million euros.