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The level of the 10 passing tracks is significantly lower than that of Puerta de Atocha as the tracks continue under the city center, which also forces a particular configuration of the track bed of the entire complex as a continuum of tracks at different levels and ram jumps, further complicated by the presence of the two types of track gauges and the two electrifications.
Chamartín El Escorial/Santa María de la Alameda Alcobendas-San Sebastián de los Reyes / Colmenar Viejo R7 Alcázar de San Juan / Albacete-Los Llanos R8 JaénAltaria / Murcia del Carmen / Cartagena Talgo / Lorca-Sutullena / ÁguilasTalgo Almería R-598 BadajozTalgo Badajoz
Madrid-Atocha – Alcázar de San Juan – Socuéllamos – Villarrobledo – La Roda de Albacete – Albacete-Los Llanos – Hellín – Cieza – Archena-Fortuna – Murcia del Carmen – Balsicas-Mar Menor – Torre-Pacheco
The station is used by Media Distancia trains departing southbound on Iberian gauge. The head of some of the trains, previously

Atocha station luggage storage

Although the AVE ticket is more expensive than the plane ticket, sometimes for the time you save and the total money you would end up spending (add the transportation from the cities of origin and destination to the airports) it is more economical.
In this case you will have to go out to the station boarding area to change floors and pass your things through the scanner again to access the new waiting hall before going back down to the platform where the second train you have to take is. There is no transit path like in the airports.

Madrid puerta de atocha to airport

Madrid Puerta de Atocha Station is the name given to the station that handles high speed and long distance trains. In the photo above is the arrivals area, connected with Taxi and bus stops, including the Airport Express Bus (photos below). Trains: AVE, AVANT and TALGO.
The train departures from Puerta de Atocha Station, i.e. High Speed and long distance trains departures are located in the other building where the shopping center is located. There are two boarding gates:
Atocha Renfe Station hosts the rail transit of commuter trains, train to the airport ( T4 ) and medium distances.  Here you can take the train to go to different tourist locations in the community of Madrid as: El Escorial, Aranjuez, Alcalá de Henares and Cercedilla.
The metro line is line 1: Valdecarros- Pinar de Chamartín.    Taking this line in 4 stations and about 10 minutes of duration we are in Puerta de Sol, a central place for tourists, and one more station and you arrive at the famous Gran Via street of Madrid.

Atocha arrivals

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Stop at Atocha station and start enjoying Madrid at the best price on AVE tickets to Madrid, is in your hand, a station that is also worth seeing, open every day from 05:00 to 01:00 hours where we can enjoy the lobby-garden that works like a tropical greenhouse.