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Renta 4 Banco es el holding de un grupo de empresas centradas en los servicios de inversión y gestión de activos. El Grupo se construye sobre la base de la especialización, la independencia y la proximidad al cliente, que son las premisas de la filosofía de todas las empresas.
Renta 4 Banco es el primer banco en España especializado en la gestión de patrimonios, mercados de capitales y servicios de inversión. El Grupo está formado por Renta 4 Sociedad de Valores S.A. centrada en clientes institucionales y que actúa como Broker Global capaz de intermediar todo tipo de instrumentos financieros en cualquier parte del mundo. Adicionalmente, el Grupo incluye las sociedades de Gestión de Fondos y de Pensiones (Renta 4 Gestora y Renta 4 Pensiones).
Renta 4 inició su actividad en 1986 y a día de hoy cuenta con 399.808 clientes entre los que se encuentran inversores minoristas, clientes de alto patrimonio, empresas, instituciones públicas y empresas de servicios financieros. Renta 4 cotiza en la Bolsa de Madrid y en la actualidad cuenta con unos activos de clientes bajo gestión, custodia y atención que superan los 14.300 millones de euros.

Renta 4 indexed funds

Whatever your initial investment, at Renta 4 Banco you will have a specialist to help you choose the investment fund that best suits your needs. Our personal attention allows us to propose financial solutions tailored to your objectives, helping you to choose the most suitable funds for you at all times.
It is important that before investing your capital, you inform yourself about the product in which you are going to deposit your savings. For this reason, below we explain some basic concepts related to investment funds.
As there is no minimum investment requirement and there is a wide range, everyone can invest in mutual funds. Whatever your investor profile, there is a fund that is right for you. Depending on your risk aversion, you can invest in more conservative or riskier funds with high equity exposure.
One of the main advantages that mutual funds offer over other types of financial products is liquidity, since when you want to recover your investment, you will do so immediately.

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ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, are an intermediate product between traditional mutual funds and stocks; they are composed of a set of securities, just like mutual funds. Each unit represents a portfolio of shares that reproduces the composition of the index to which it refers.
ETFs have a price that is published at the close of the session. Investors can buy the ETF in real time at the price set by the market at any time, this price will be close to the value of the underlying index. As this value is not known until the end of the day, during the session the variations of the underlying index throughout the session are estimated and applied to the previous price.

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Renta 4 Banco’s ETF platform is oriented to all types of investors, from the most experienced to stock market or mutual fund investors looking for a place to trade ETFs.
Identifying the potential of structural changes and investing in anticipated transformations early can be a key factor for investment success. This can be an opportunity for investors to position their portfolios to take advantage of long-term growth potential.
Most major economies are experiencing strong shifts in their demographic profiles, while resource scarcity and climate change are coming under increased scrutiny. Rapid urbanization is generating significant investment and changing consumer behavior, especially in high-growth emerging economies. At the same time, the increasing pervasiveness of technology is redefining business models in a multitude of sectors and leading to widespread disruption.