Global esports academy

Global esports academy

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Like any language academy. There are people interested in improving their game in some video games. On YouTube they can find information, but in the digital age we have learned to value the face-to-face experience. Being able to come to the academy physically, with a first class team, a teacher who has been a professional… they value it.
The first advantage is that we have equipment that people cannot usually have at home: very expensive, with high-end graphics cards, 144 Hz and 24-inch screens -the same specifications as in competition-, gaming chairs? And you are also in an environment prepared to concentrate on what you have to do, without your mother telling you to finish or people making noise.
In addition, you have a teacher who is a professional gamer, whom you can consult at any time, not only about video games, but also about the path to become a professional, if you are interested in doing that.
Yes, of course. Also, to be the best you need the best gear possible. So it’s expensive, especially at the beginning, but then, because the equipment lasts quite a long time and you can upgrade it, it’s not that expensive. And, in fact, if you compare it to other businesses, the investment is not that high.

Global esports academy : fortnite – episode 1 – how to handle

For several weeks now, the whole world has begun to take refuge in their homes as a protective measure against the coronavirus. The state of alarm declared in most countries causes people to be confined to their homes with no clear date for everything to return to normal.
Traditional sports organizations and associations were the first to develop such online competitions as a way to reach their fans in a new way. In this way, they were able to create massive events with charitable purposes that have been a complete success.
This new program has been called ‘Esports from home’ and aims to entertain and train the fans of video games thus helping them to pass the confinement in the most bearable way possible. All the young people of Teguise will have the opportunity to access totally free of charge to an online training program of different games.
So far the selected titles have been the well-known battle royale, Fortnite and the e-sport par excellence, League of Legends. Young people will have the opportunity to learn and improve on the tactical and technical aspects of the game, in addition to being able to participate in different courses where training will be offered on the responsible use of video games, decision making in the most important moments of the games or on how to control emotions when faced with different stimuli or situations.

F1ls esports vs global esports | tec gauntlet

The presentation took place at the facilities of The Global Esports Academy and was attended by various media who were able to visit the facilities and also be present in a masterclass with some of the students who received a scholarship from FIESTA. In the words of Jonathan Gonzalez, Digital Marketing Manager of FIESTA, “We are happy with the project, from the brand it is important to work on the effective control of emotions in gaming. The important thing is to have fun, make friends and work as a team at a time when we believe that our products are a perfect fit”.
Their commitment to gaming is not closed only to League Of Legends, they are open to new titles that fit with the brand and its values. Pedro Oliva, marketing director of FIESTA, highlights that “this agreement with The Global Esports Academy fits completely with our main objective: to make those everyday moments extraordinary moments and also, as a fun fact, you don’t need to use your hands to consume one of our candies! The gaming territory is ideal for the target we are aiming at and who we hope to make fall in love with our products”.

Global esports academy – laliga esports santander

True Rippers venció a ROG Academy en la jornada 24 de la TEC Gauntlet Season 1, mientras que Global Esports frenó la aparentemente imbatible racha de Godlike Esports en la competición. TEC Gauntlet Season 1: Resultados del día 24True Rippers vs ROG AcademyTrue Rippers y ROG Academy se enfrentaron en un empate al mejor de tres en el primer partido del día 24 de la TEC Gauntlet Season 1.Los tres mapas que se seleccionaron para el partido de hoy fueron:Mapa 1: AscensoTrue Rippers comenzó como agresor en Ascenso y ganó 7 rondas en la primera mitad. Tras el cambio de bando, ROG Academy remontó y se aseguró 8 rondas. Por su parte, True Rippers no pudo recuperar la diferencia en las últimas fases y perdió la eliminatoria.True Rippers 10-13 ROG Academy
Mapa 2: HavenEsta vez True Rippers comenzó como defensor y dominó la primera parte, asegurando 9 rondas a su favor. Tras el cambio de bando, ROG Academy consiguió 4 rondas a su favor. Sin embargo, True Rippers ganó 4 rondas más e igualó la eliminatoria.True Rippers 13-7 ROG AcademyMapa 3: IceboxEn el mapa 3 se repitió la historia de True Rippers, que esta vez empezó como defensor y dominó la primera parte, asegurando 11 rondas a su favor. Tras el cambio de bando, ROG Academy no consiguió ganar ni un solo asalto. Sin embargo, True Rippers consiguió 2 rondas más y ganó la partida y la serie.True Rippers 13-1 ROG Academy Godlike Esports vs Global Esports:Godlike Esports se enfrentó a Global Esports en la segunda partida del día 24 de la TEC Gauntlet Season 1.Los tres mapas seleccionados para el enfrentamiento de hoy fueron:Mapa 1: Bind

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