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Yunke magic – hangar 52 in ifema madrid 2019

El Mago Yunke in Madrid Do not miss the show of El Mago Yunke until Sunday, January 12, 2020 in different sessions in Hangar 52 of IFEMA in Madrid.The magician Yunke has reaped great successes throughout his career, getting in June 2018 the Award for Best Magician of Great Illusions in the World Championship of Magic FISM, held in Korea.In addition, Yunke is a magician who creates his shows from scratch, designing and producing his great illusions. To do this he has a creative laboratory of 900 square meters where he has created all the numbers and ingenuities that make up the show he will present in Hangar 52, composed of 15 original numbers.tickets for El Mago Yunke in Hangar 52 of IFEMThe tickets for El Mago Yunke in Madrid are priced from 18 € + booking fee.do not miss out on tickets!

Hangar 52′ will be at ifema until january 19th.

It is a large-format show that has triumphed so far in more than 30 cities in China and arrives in Madrid with more than 22,000 tickets sold in advance and total sales expectations of another 40,000. In fact, before starting, the show has already been extended for the next two weeks, as the illusionist himself told this newspaper.
The two-time world champion of magic explains that all his exhibitions tell stories spun by the same concept, and that his inspiration to create Hangar 52 has revolved around the concept of aviation, an activity that he describes as «very similar to magic».
Also, thanks to his grandfather’s trade, Yunke has always been «very linked to the subject of manufacturing and construction», something that has led him to «sharpen the creativity part a lot more». His approach is that «there are no limits in magic», so that «from making an airplane appear to making the Statue of Liberty disappear» is feasible. On the other hand, the magician says that «the most difficult thing is the idea, what you want to tell» because «ingenuity has no limits».

Ifema and magician yunke present hangar 52

The show, produced in collaboration with Yunke, current World Magic Award winner and one of the best illusionists on the international scene, will undoubtedly become the main novelty of Madrid’s programming for next Christmas, whose tickets, more than 40,000, are already on sale on IFEMA’s platform magiahangar52.com.
Hangar 52 gives its name not only to the show, but also to the IFEMA space that will host this great production, the first show organized directly by IFEMA.    For this, Hangar 52 will be erected, a large auditorium tent with capacity for more than 1,100 spectators, where all of them can enjoy a fascinating experience.

Ifema y el mago yunke presentan hangar 52

Así los seguidores del Mago YUNKE podrán disfrutar de un descuento del 25% en las entradas correspondientes a todos los miércoles y jueves del mes de diciembre, aplicable por tanto a las funciones de los días 5, 12, 18, 19, 25 y 26 de diciembre que se adquieran a través de www.magiahangar52.es
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