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With millions of people transitioning to telecommuting, workers are striving to acquire skills that will enable them to be more productive and adaptable while working remotely. Cornerstone Institute for People Development revealed that in March 2020, learners spent 27.5 million hours on Cornerstone Learning – 6 times more than the second largest corporate learning provider – after Cornerstone was named one of the top 10 most popular apps by monthly active users on Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, this recent surge underscores how organizations are also turning to online learning to pivot their businesses by educating and aligning their workforces around new work models, new programs and new cultural initiatives.
– Nearly half (40%) of Cornerstone Learning clients saw an increase in logins in March compared to February. In addition, these clients experienced a significant spike in logins, 135% on average.

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09/ 2012 – 07/ 2013 LMS (sistema de gestión de aprendizaje) webmaster con Moodle Administración de Moodle, Gestión de usuarios, carga de cursos de idiomas en formato SCORM. Realiza controles de calidad (QC) finales de los cursos y revisiones de los mismos Soporte técnico de Moodle a profesores y alumnos online. Instituto Francés. Madrid
08/ 2010 – 02/2011 Webmaster en Entelgy Programador web en Entelgy (antigua Entel) desarrollando plataformas de e-learning en Moodle para Caixa Galicia, SomosIT (Colombia). Gestión de proyectos de e-learning para Bankia. Creación de portales basados en Joomla. Personalización Css. Entelgy. Madrid

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For the time being, CaixaBank has completed the certification process for all employee advisors subject to the new training requirements in this regulation -whose European directive came into force on January 3rd- for their functions of selling certain products to customers. A total of 10,500 employees have undergone this training and obtained their corresponding certification. The regulations require a minimum of one advisor per branch.
Bankia also plans to certify in Mifid2 all the staff in its network of 2,515 branches (1,855 branches that Bankia had when it announced the merger, and 660 of BMN at the same time, although branches have been closing since then). A total of 13,500 employees, so that only about 2,000 employees, corresponding to central services, will be left out of this formation.
For the time being, the entity chaired by José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, trained and certified 7,000 employees as financial advisors in 2017, among Bankia and BMN staff. Of the 5,000 workers who took this exam in Bankia 94.1% passed, while in BMN 2,000 took the exam, of which 74.9% passed the test positively. Those who failed will take the exam again in 2018, and another 6,500 employees of Bankia and BMN will take this certification in order to be able to advise on the sale of complex products.