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… in the business reality, especially in the digital field and Marketing Management. The Master trains professionals specialized in Digital Marketing…. Learn about: Digital Project, Social Marketing, Social Media… The best teachers: Agustín Medina, Eva María Marcos…
…The Master of Digital Marketing is divided into 6 fully practical modules where you will learn all areas of marketing. Module 1: WordPress… Learn about: Video marketing, Emotional Marketing, Inbound Marketing… The best teachers: Miguel Florido, Mai López…
…The Master in Digital Marketing is divided into 6 totally practical modules where you will learn all areas of marketing. Module 1: WordPress… Learn about: Video marketing, Emotional Marketing, Inbound Marketing… The best teachers: Miguel Florido, Mai López…
… for you to become a reference in the sector. You will learn and know all the tools you need to manage a company from the field of marketing…. Learn about: Commercial management, Sales force, Commercial management and marketing…


Would you like to dedicate yourself to digital marketing? Do you know that this sector is gaining more and more strength in companies and in the field of marketing and advertising? Now you can specialize in these studies with the Digital Marketing Program of DMSchool. This training has a duration of 230 hours spread over 6 months and is taught through a classroom methodology.
The training program of these studies will provide you with advanced knowledge of digital marketing. You will learn the most used techniques as well as which are the real situations or projects in which you can find yourself in a profession in the sector. You will also learn how to use the most common tools in the sector.
The focus of our training is that the student gets a job opportunity in digital marketing, so we have our own job opportunities and agreements with companies that demand this type of professionals.
We will send you a link to fill out the admission form. Once you have filled out the form, we will contact you to help you formalize your enrollment, as well as to answer any questions you may have.

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The Master in Digital Marketing and Big Data (Business Analytics) of the Graduate School of the European University of Valencia provides all professionals with the necessary skills to lead and implement strategic marketing projects, which allow them to respond to new business models and companies, in an environment where change is continuous and information must be relevant and immediate to define and implement marketing plans.
The Master in Digital Marketing and Big Data has a theoretical-practical approach in which you will solve business challenges equal to those you will find in the market with the help of your teachers, active professionals and experts. In addition, throughout the master’s degree you will have the opportunity to visit companies from different sectors.SyllabusThe master’s degree trains students in four pathways, knowledge, attitudes and professional skills that are the keys to their professional development:All four allow you to have the ability to present and lead innovation projects with a strong technological base both for research and strategic analysis and for communication. AttitudesWe train professionals to have an open and flexible attitude with learning capacity and focused on Lean theories.We develop an environment where the person learns to find the essence of the data, interpret them and communicate them through the definition of the marketing and branding strategy.The attitudes of a professional who leads an organizational change from the contribution of new solutions with new resources and an innovation approach.Competencies:

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Universidades participantes: Universidad de Valencia y Universidad Jaume IComisión académica coordinadora Antonio Carlos Cuenca Ballester (Director)Rafael Currás PérezBeatriz Moliner VelázquezPedro Canales RondaIsabel Sánchez GarcíaMarta Ordiz Bernardo (PAS)
Interés académico, científico o profesional: Este programa ofrece una formación avanzada en términos académicos y de investigación en el área del marketing. Pretende dar respuesta a la creciente demanda de profesionales del marketing y a la necesidad de formarlos mediante estudios especializados y actualizados para el ejercicio profesional. El máster ofrece un programa centrado en la investigación y las técnicas de mercado en relación con la publicidad, la consultoría, la distribución comercial, las ventas en organizaciones privadas y públicas, etc. en diferentes sectores empresariales y con independencia de su ubicación geográfica. Está dirigido a los futuros gestores de campañas de venta, imagen y marketing o a los responsables de análisis en este ámbito.