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What do you offer? A trip + stay anywhere in Europe and even the United States. It makes it special, because everything is at a closed price. That is to say, the final value that you contract in the web will be the one reflected in your flight ticket and hotel.
If you have never ventured into the world of surprise trips, you will not be familiar with the platform. On the other hand, if it is not your first time with this experience, you will surely know all the steps. Waynabox works very simply, it includes round-trip airline tickets and hotel. However, there are different types of trips or packages that we describe below:
This first format of destination or surprise trip is the traditional one. It does not include any special option and if you know how everything works you probably already know it. With this package you will travel through Europe, a single destination and the trip can take place during 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days. As usual the destination city will be revealed 48 hours before embarking on a great experience. The accommodations are recommended by TripAdvisor, synonym of quality.

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What are the Waynabox travelers’ opinions about the service offered by the agency? On the web there are not many comments from customers, rather newspaper articles that have welcomed with great interest and enthusiasm the idea of surprise trips. After all, this is a new and alternative way of traveling and exploring the world. Personally, I find the idea really innovative and above all well structured.
Prices are definitely one of the agency’s strong points. Let’s take an example: leaving for Europe in April with breakfast in a private room and luggage for five days would cost 364€ per person. Or visiting the United States in March for eight days would cost 1980€ for two people.

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There are a variety of websites that plan trips for users without them knowing the destination. It is a new way of traveling that has become fashionable, and the prices are usually very economical. An ideal alternative for travelers who like to take risks and want to enjoy a stay in a country they never imagined they would know.
One of the most popular websites when it comes to surprise trips is Waynabox. It offers trips in Europe from 150 euros (including hotel). The way to find out what kind of travelers we are is through a series of questions that will give you an idea of what is our ideal destination.
Waynabox works with more than 60 destinations and they have recently incorporated «premium travel» where the United States is included as a possible destination. If you are afraid of getting a not very good hotel or an airline that is not safe, don’t worry, by paying an extra you will be assured of 4 or 5 star hotels and the possibility of flying with a high end airline.

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After completing an interrail after finishing their respective careers, three engineer friends decided to work on the concept of spontaneous travel, replacing trains with airplanes. However, the initial project ended up deriving in a proposal that went much further; and is that Waynabox is a young startup that since its birth in 2015 has experienced a great growth.
Its offer is based on the organization of trips at a European level that includes both outbound and return flights as well as two nights in a hotel, all for a total of 150€ per person. However, the main attraction is that the destinations will not be communicated until 48 hours prior to take-off, at which time they will also provide you with a guide to your trip. The secret of their success? That their team prepares each trip as if they were going to live it themselves.
Definitely, Waynabox offers a truly innovative and curious experience by inverting the order in which the trip is planned. An extremely attractive proposal for all those adventurers who want to enjoy a completely surprising experience. We encourage you to leave us a comment telling us what you thought of this proposal. Did you already know the platform? Would you like to travel with this surprise factor? We will gladly read all your contributions.