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The municipal report, says the judge, argues that the García Noblejas brothers were «three Falangist brothers and one Carlist who actively joined the military uprising of 1936». For the magistrate, the explanation of the commissioner is a «brief reality of history», and argues that «we do not find in what way the García Noblejas brothers collaborated in the military uprising or in the civil war or were relevant instruments in the support of the dictatorial system implemented by Franco after the war».
The magistrate also does not see «what actions or conducts they carried out so that they could be subsumed in the concept of exaltation either of the military rebellion itself, of the civil war or of the repression in Franco’s dictatorship».

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The house is in very good condition, plumbing, electricity, has double glazed windows, drop walls, the floors of the house are stoneware and newly polished and polished park, has fitted closets, three splits of air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms cold and heat, individual natural gas heating.
Very close to the shopping center of Las Rosas in a quiet area with parks, schools nearby and practically attached to the health center. Nearby subway stops (L2 Almudena or Alsacia and L7 Simancas or Garcia Noblejas), buses (70, 48, 38, 28, 4). «

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If I were to tell you about a school that aims to awaken in its students an interest in a broad general culture oriented to a wide range of subjects, preparing them to be men and women capable of pursuing an ideal, of harmonizing all their faculties as persons.
The institution carried out an unprecedented task of cultural and pedagogical renewal. In its statutes it declares itself «alien to any religious interest, ideology or political party, proclaiming the right to academic freedom, the inviolability of science and respect for individual conscience».
Its ideals and goals crystallized in other institutions such as: the Pedagogical Museum, the Board for the Extension of Studies, the Teacher Training College, the Student Residence, the Pedagogical Missions, among others.

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In addition, the youth organization Rebeldía has uploaded a tweet on social networks in which a young man is seen placing a sticker with the street name of Maestra Justa Freire on top of one of these plaques.
The Madrid City Council, with Manuela Carmena as mayor, approved on April 28, 2017 -with the abstention of the PP and the support of Ahora Madrid, PSOE and Cs- the renaming of 52Z streets with Francoist reminiscences in application of the Law of Historical Memory, including that of General Millán Astray.