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In Madrid there are several establishments of this giant of literature, owned by Espasa Calpe, part of Grupo Planeta. Although it also has a presence on the Internet, which offers the possibility of making on-line purchases, the flagship of the chain is undoubtedly its imposing premises on Gran Vía, with four floors classified thematically and a specialized staff, available at all times to answer customers’ queries.
All this with a complete range of services and facilities, including documentation, import and export, subscriptions to national and foreign magazines, customer card, national and international bibliographic information, with access to the main national and foreign databases and the commitment, if a title is not available in the store, to bring it as soon as possible.

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If you have ever been in a deep well and have not been able to see the light, if you are going through a bad patch, or if you simply feel like reading a very complete book full of adventures, unexpected turns, nature and personal improvement, this is your book! A work by María J. Vicente.
Fourteen short stories or crossed lives turned upside down by the pandemic, which intensifies everything. An ode to the San Sebastian neighborhood of Amara Zaharra, not without humor, where the characters intertwine talking about their lives and their chores.
Destiempo is a communitarian novel. Beyond individuality, beyond the group is the we, which can only emerge in a genuine way when individuals become singular beings, when they become aware of the myths, the ideology, the discourses that have dominated their lives and those of their ancestors. The narrator puts the focus on interrelationship. He illuminates scenes in which the characters discover themselves through others.
A hymn to hope, that a new beginning is feasible. And above all, a reminder that living is not a game, that it requires a seriousness and an inner commitment that we easily forget along the paths of our existence.

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La cadena es líder en su sector y su liderazgo se ha visto refrendado por el aumento de las visitas de los clientes, que acuden a Casa del Libro en busca de novedades de primera línea, pero también, y sobre todo, de títulos atrasados.
Casa del Libro ofrece una variada gama de servicios, entre los que destacan los pedidos personalizados y la venta a entidades y bibliotecas. La amplitud y profundidad de su base de datos se refleja en la publicación periódica de catálogos especializados en diferentes temas y en la presencia en línea de, que ofrece información a los cinco continentes.
Además, las actividades organizadas regularmente en las librerías, que atraen a numerosos lectores y público en general, refuerzan el posicionamiento natural de la Casa del Libro como líder cultural y punto de encuentro de autores, editores y lectores.

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Casa del Libro is your cultural space in the Espacio Torrelodones Shopping Center in Madrid, where you can find the widest selection of technical books, literary books, language methods, children’s books, travel guides, educational games or comics. In addition now we make it easier than ever and you can purchase many of our titles in ebook format.
Man does not live by narrative alone! Find your manuals and educational books on any subject on our shelves: cookbooks, computer books, engineering, crafts or medicine, are some of the topics you can find if you visit us.