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In addition to offering an excellent academic level, they are proud to say that at San José del Parque they educate in values to form good people as well as brilliant professionals.the school’s educational style promotes an integral vision of education that consciously seeks to communicate Marist values and transform society.the more than 15,000 former students of San José del Parque emphasize that in addition to the academic and professional formation with which they leave school, what most differentiates them in the world of work is their style of being a person.
5. CoexistenceCoexistence at San José del Parque is a priority. At this very important age, the foundations for good social relationships are laid, and coexistence allows us to form autonomous people, capable of making personal decisions, anticipating threatening situations and resolving conflicts. The school has specific improvement actions through which students are provided with tools for conflict resolution and emotion management. At San José del Parque the whole school becomes a space for the improvement of personal relationships.each educational stage has a Coexistence coordinator who manages all conflicts that may arise with both students and families and annually elaborate a Coexistence Plan.6.

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School TransportationOrganized by school staff. One or two services may be used per day. The routes change somewhat each year to better serve the students. The service is provided by the company AUTOCARES CHAOS. All routes have a hostess. The teacher in charge of the routes is Juan Luis Redondo, and you can ask any questions you may have at the following email address: [email protected]
MedicalWe want any student to receive the best possible assistance according to the criteria and assessments of the parents. We know the risks involved in making a decision in the event of an accident. We also have our own school nurse, who is part of the school’s team.
Pedagogical innovation, excellent academic results. Arturo Soria is an educational reference for the high academic and human level achieved by our students, Arturo Soria is a different school, a parents’ cooperative where the participation of families is a reality and the students are the protagonists.

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San José del Parque está situado en el noreste de Madrid, en la urbanización Parque Conde de Orgaz. Su infraestructura incluye un campo de fútbol, siete pistas de tenis, seis de baloncesto y una piscina cubierta. El Colegio también cuenta con aulas de informática, sala de dibujo, laboratorios de ciencias y de idiomas, biblioteca, capilla y auditorio.
El Colegio tiene cuatro grupos de unos 30 alumnos por edad. El Colegio ofrece el «Bachillerato de Ciencias y Tecnología» y el «Bachillerato de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales», de 2 años de duración, como escuela preparatoria de Ciencias y Tecnología y Ciencias Sociales, respectivamente. En 2012, el 90% de estos alumnos se presentó a las PAU (pruebas de acceso a la universidad), y el 99% de ellos superó las pruebas[1].

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At San José del Parque we understand education as a process that never ends. We train for life because the future requires a solid preparation, values that are not lost over time and an ability to adapt to the changes of each person and each particular way of life.
San José del Parque is prepared to continue with normal classes from home (Teams). In addition, for students who have to attend classes on alternate days, we have installed cameras in the classrooms to allow those who are at home to follow all classes.