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A web search engine depends on the way it has developed its algorithm to visit the different sites on the network by sorting the results obtained from various pages on the Internet by the information consulted by users. Therefore, there are some fundamental characteristics of search engines:
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Regional web directories integrate in the same site businesses, services, companies or participants of a certain sector, focusing on a specific commercial territory, thus creating a community that facilitates navigation, location and marketing. These directories promote the economic growth of the sector they are focused on, since they put within reach of the user the possibility of discovering suppliers that he/she did not know existed and thus solve a purchasing need.

Types of search engines

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However, before going into the objective of this post, related to the characteristics of search engines, it is necessary to talk about the meaning of Web search engines. Therefore, we will now introduce some basic concepts related to the topic.
On the other hand, it is important to mention that the system starts with some initial links, which it analyzes in search of others that may be related to the first ones. In this way, the hierarchical search engines form a network containing all the URLs visited together with those related to it.
Thus, once the crawler finishes with the first line of Web pages, it starts the process again. This time, it analyzes the second group of URLs until it finds new related pages; in this way it collects information to repeat the process again.

Internet search engines

Ask Jeeves is the name of a butler, whose avatar was drawn by Marcos Sorenson, who searched for answers to any question. The Jeeves character is based on Bertie Wooster’s butler, both fictional characters devised by the writer P.G. Wodehouse. The idea behind Ask Jeeves is to allow users to get answers to questions they ask other people in natural language.
In 2005 Barry Diller, through his company IAC/InterActiveCorp, announced the stock acquisition of Ask Jeeves, the fifth-ranked search engine in the United States. The purchase closed for US$1.85 billion.[1] The acquisition was completed in 2005.