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Es el mejor nadador de la historia y el deportista olímpico más condecorado de todos los tiempos, con un total de 28 medallas.Michael Phelps nació el 30 de junio de 1985 en Estados Unidos. Se le conoce como «la bala de Baltimore» y «el pez volador». Ha batido los récords mundiales en los 100 metros mariposa , 200 metros mariposa, 400 metros individuales, 200 metros libres y 200 metros individuales. Se retiró en los Juegos Olímpicos de 2012, volvió a nadar en abril de 2014 y en los Juegos Olímpicos de Verano de Río de Janeiro se retiró definitivamente, en 2016.
Alex O’loughlin es una persona muy famosa,es un actor,nació en 1991 tiene 36 años y actúa en la serie de hawaii 5.0 es el capitán Steve Mcgarrett y resalta muchos crímenes con su equipo.
David Bustamante es una persona amable que sabe tratar a la gente con cariño. David Bustamante es un cantante famoso, porque ganó una operación de triunfo en 2001. Desde pequeño le gusta cantar. Hizo su primer concierto con 12 años.
En la foto número 2: David Bustamante lleva una barba marrón muy corta. También lleva una chaqueta de cuero azul oscuro y una camisa negra. Su pelo es largo y con forma de tupe, su color de pelo es un poco oscuro y rubio.

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The green tweed jacket worn by Paula is also very versatile, it can be worn with the type of dress that Paula is wearing, or with jeans and a more relaxed look. The heeled sandals are very feminine, do you like the look?
Azucena is an actress, graduated in Music Teaching and Bachelor of Dramatic Art, so, everything related to the blogosphere and being an editor in blogs came from the hand of one of her great passions: writing. She is currently editor of several thematic blogs for Populis Ireland and one of the main editors of Moda Preview International. She also works on her personal project,

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An informative project to make sexual diversity in science visibleBy: Lydia Gil «Just as one day the question arose: where are the women in the scientific field, recently the question has also been put on the table: where are the people with diverse sexualities? Why are there no referents? Diverse science is better science and the scientific community reflects or should reflect the diversity of society» (Armentia, 2019).
This first edition presents 27 very diverse people at the level of area of knowledge, profession and age. Two of them are the coordinator of the outreach festival Desgranando Ciencia (pioneer betting on diversity in 2019) and a representative of the association PRISMA (created to avoid discrimination and improve LGTBIQA+ visibility in Science, Technology and Innovation).
A study by three relevant British scientific institutions reveals that 28% of LGTBIQA+ people in the UK have been on the verge of leaving work because of the discriminatory environment. (RAS and RSC, 2019).

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What better way to kick off her summer break than going to enjoy the concert given by David Bustamante in Leganés (Madrid) this weekend. Paula Echevarría didn’t go alone: her daughter Daniela didn’t want to miss her father’s performance either.
The actress, who is currently preparing the next season of Velvet, is one of the references in the world of fashion in our country. On this occasion, Paula Echevarría surprises with a summer look, which she has published on her personal blog and Instagram, delighting all her fans.
Paula Echevarría makes the most of the free time that her professional commitments allow her to enjoy practicing one of her favorite activities, shopping. The well-known actress met with one of her closest friends, her friend Isabel Navarro, with whom she took advantage of the first sales in the capital.
MADRID, 2 (CHANCE) Emotion, fun and sportsmanship in an afternoon of solidarity that no one wanted to miss and that was a success. Because when it comes to helping those most in need, there are many who do not hesitate to do their bit and take to the clay.