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Makeup | simple ruching (bigger eyes)

I know…. I’m always apologizing for leaving you guys so long!!! I promise I will never do it again!!!! This time, I promise. The truth is that I’ve been busy, no, the following. You know I always have a good reason and this time is that I present my jewelry collection this month! and as you can imagine, I’m on my nerves, finalizing all the details.
Today I would like to talk about a topic that you always ask me about in this blog. I mean my makeup tricks, my favorite brands and products etc. I get so many questions on this topic that I think today I will reveal part of my secrets (only part!!) so let’s start…I have my makeup bag right here…this is what’s in it:
-Bobby Brown foundation (Luminous Moisturizing Foundation. Natural shade) I always, always, always use the same one. Whether it’s for makeup myself, on photo productions etc. I am absolutely loyal. It’s the one that suits me best for my skin tone and I never change it.
-Maybelline NY Mascara: pay attention to this…because you have asked me many, many times. You already know that I love to wear my eyes very black, with lots of mascara. My mascara is Maybellyne Volume Express Turbo Boost.

Makeup for vicky martín berrocal and nieves álvarez

irresistible lifting effect thanks to its silicone-based texture, which provides elasticity and conceals wrinkles instantly. The face is unified, radiant and free of other imperfections such as redness, spots or blemishes. It also has SPF 20 sun protection with which to go out protected every day without the sun’s rays spoil everything (yes, it is also necessary in winter).
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Vicky Martín Berrocal es hija de Victoria Martín Serrano y del empresario ganadero José Luis Martín Berrocal. Nació en Huelva y creció en Sevilla. Desde pequeña se formó en las mejores escuelas de Madrid y Suiza y se licenció en Marketing y Ciencias Empresariales[2][3] Comenzó a trabajar como apoderada de toreros, donde conoció a su marido Manuel Díaz González[4][5].
Más tarde se introdujo en el mundo de la moda, y encontró el éxito colaborando con el diseñador Ángel Schlesser [es].[6] De este modo, comenzó a ser conocida internacionalmente y a vestir a celebridades como Uma Thurman, que lució sus diseños en el calendario Campari.[2] Sus colecciones incluyen trajes de fiesta, vestidos de flamenca, trajes de novia, bolsos y bisutería. Cabe destacar que fue contratada por Anna Allen[es] para diseñar un vestido para que lo luciera en los Óscar de 2014, aunque posteriormente se reveló que la actriz había fabricado su apariencia en la ceremonia utilizando fotografías alteradas[7] Martín Berrocal también tuvo su propia edición especial de gafas Nocilla[8].

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I guess you’re guessing that I forgot to apply foundation too, but no…I didn’t apply any because the day before I went to the beach and I had good color…so powder was enough for me.
As always, we prepare the eyelid with a primer for shadows. This time I used UD’s Primer Potion in Eden because for smoky eyeshadows the shadows hold better without creasing than with the PaintPot.
4. With the shadow pearl 395 and a natural hair blending brush, we illuminate the arch of the eyebrow (this shadow reminds me a lot of Kevin Aucoin’s celestial illuminator although obviously it pigments much more…let’s see if in another post I make a comparison).
8. This is as far as the eye makeup goes. I then applied garnier roll on concealer for the under eye circles and on the face I applied H&M compact powder and contour with the bronzing powder from the same store. I didn’t use blusher because I was already colored from the beach and on my lips I applied the MAC lip tint from the previous tutorial.