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M80 | como são os perfis da vanda, do paulo e da susana?

This new radio morning show will have a news team that will take the pulse of the day’s news, although its objective is also not to lose sight of those other headlines, the ones that raise a smile.
Jorge Sánchez warns his listeners: «I’m ready for whatever it takes, to get up early and wake everyone up». The host of the new morning show wants «people to have as much fun as he does. Because if the one who does it has a good time, the one on the other side will also have a good time».

Patrulha da noite returns to rtp1 on april 11.

Between the 2009-2010 season, Javier Penedo and Miguel Coll took the reins of Morning 80, with Miguel Coll alone since January 2012. From the 2013-14 season, the program was renamed Mas Morning 80 presented by Sergi Mas. One season later, José Antonio Ponseti was hired, who renamed the program as 80 y la Madre. Ponseti returned to Carrusel Deportivo twelve months later, after which Juan Luis Cano was hired.
Among the novelties that Onda Cero will present this season we find the increase of one hour of Julia Otero’s program, Julia en la Onda, and the disappearance of the sports hour in the afternoons. In sports, Héctor Fernández has already made his debut last week as the new presenter and director of Radioestadio, after the departure of Javier Ares.

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The change will take place at twenty-one minutes to seven on Wednesday, November twenty-first, 2018. PRISA Radio involves Cadena SER in the launch so that La Ventana will connect with the new station at the time of its birth. It will coincide with the premiere in the magazine of a new song produced by Alejo Stivel along with a score of singers who visited the program. Los 40 Classic will have thirty-four posts spread throughout the peninsula, the two archipelagos and one in Andorra.
The channel, which is celebrating its quarter of a century, is evolving to dissolve under the umbrella of a leading music radio brand. M80 Radio has many similarities with Los 40 Classic but also has its own novel characteristics beyond the rebranding, as happened with Melodía FM at the time. The differences are grouped under ten headings:
Los 40 Classic was also, in 2003, the name of a compilation with forty-five -not forty- tracks by classic pop and rock names from different decades in a heterogeneous proposal -from Dylan to Coldplay, from Kool & The Gang to Hanson- under the slogan «Los éxitos imprescindibles de tu vida» (The essential hits of your life). Having recovered a brand with little wear and tear, it’s time to develop it.

Joaquim monchique: «i have a chaotic way of working».

If last season the changes were mainly focused on the evening sports programs, in the current season they are concentrated on the weekend sports programs. In ONDA CERO we highlight the departure of Javier Ares as head of Radioestadio, who will be replaced by a man of the house: Héctor Fernández. He will be joined by Javier Ruiz Taboada and the rest of the team. In CADENA SER we find the departure of one of its advertising voices in Carrusel Deportivo: Miguel Coll. We confirm that Juan Ochoa will continue.