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But when we ask them what their biggest marketing challenge is, the answer is the same. We all know how important this social network is, but we still struggle to use it in the best and most effective way.
Many salons and beauty salons have built an empire with social media. Just think of the hairdressing salon Tacha Beauty, which has almost 200 thousand followers and finds most of its customers through Instagram:
The first thing a hairdresser or salon owner should do on Instagram is to make sure their account is easily found on the search engine. Not only do you need to make sure it’s easy to find, you also need to make sure the appointment booking process is simple. It sounds easy, but many salons skip this step.
While you don’t need to be too strict with the visual theme, it helps to have some colors and ideas in mind. This way, you’ll know what colors

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There are places whose brightness makes them different. Spaces where energy flows without apparent order. In their interiors reign forces that by their creative value manage to create atmospheres where emotions and feelings become an inspiration. These outbreaks of creativity are rarely condensed in a space, but when the miracle of Velázquez 69 Beauty & art occurs, beauty becomes art and art becomes beauty.
What is apparently a hairdressing service, becomes an oasis of light. When you go inside, the walls come to life through the gazes of the portraits that dominate every corner of this daring Beauty & Art colossus.
Lorena Morlote and her staff, as if performing a play, each of her collaborators play their role in the escalation of making the client live an intense and definitive sensory experience.    Perfection in execution and poetry in form.
One day the star disappeared. The international stylist Lorena Morlote, who was at the top of LifeStyle, who personally advised the most unattainable stars of the firmament, disappeared without a trace. From winning a Vogue award and two consecutive Abanico awards to leaving the throne empty without any aspirant to the throne having the audacity to claim it.

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Today we are doing our hair with… Lorena MorloteA salon with golden tones, where elegance and sophistication prevail. Although the first thing we see when we open the doors of Lorena Morlote’s salon are butterflies on a tapestry that recreates nature in its purest state. «Butterflies always have to be with me. They remind me of my origins and also underline the great importance of keeping your feet on the ground. I think that’s one of the keys to success.» This is how the stylist introduces us to her salon, a space that not only bears her name, but also her essence.
And this is reflected in the style that the stylist proposes to close this masterful passage through her Marbella salon. It is a ponytail or ponytail at medium height, with a toupee and very polished sides. An elegant style that stands out in the way of creating a continuous wave throughout the ponytail.

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The one who won in 2018 ‘Supervivientes’ wanted to share in scoop her new look on social networks through a photograph that she has made herself from the chair of the beauty salon, take a look to see what you think:
As you can see it’s a simple cut that leaves ajar in the center. The height of the fringe is just above her eyebrows, so it won’t take long for it to get lost in the rest of her mane.
With this new hairstyle, without leaving the sports training in their day to day, and with great enthusiasm is more than ready to give everything in ‘GH VIP’ 7 defending his great love above all contestants. Do you think Kiko has a chance to win the contest? It is still very early, but at the moment he is not in the spotlight…. Let’s see how this story continues.