Restaurante la cuchara madrid

El guero madrid

On Thursday I was eating at La Cuchara. The menu was really excellent and the price was very good.the place was very modern, I loved the decoration, bright, and above all very clean.they served us very well. I highly recommend it, because of its proximity to my work I plan to return to eat the way the desserts were exquisite.Ah! a detail to highlight we were invited to a shot, something unusual with the menu.
The truth is that the price does not contrast at all, really for the food you get, it is expensive. The worst thing is that the tables are next to each other, so, what is privacy, zero, I went to eat and I found out the life of the person next to me. I do not recommend this restaurant at all, the best thing I had was the dessert, a kind of chocolate bomb very rich, but I will not pay that bill for a dessert.

Arepa olé

Este pequeño restaurante especializado en comida casera está situado en una calle comercial muy transitada y con mucho tráfico. Una caja de acero y cristal conecta el interior y el exterior a la vez que lo aísla de la excesiva contaminación acústica. El roble utilizado para el suelo se pliega para formar un banco que recorre toda la profundidad del local. Un panel insonorizado cubre el plano vertical detrás del banco y se pliega horizontalmente para crear una cámara que oculta las instalaciones. Las decisiones entre los materiales se basan en el aire y la luz. El plano vertical que da a las mesas se ha revestido completamente con una serigrafía de ingredientes y recetas de famosos platos de la gastronomía española que se consumen con cuchara y que por ello se conocen popularmente como «platos de cuchara». Proponemos un espacio sencillo, funcional, fresco y agradable. Con pocos materiales se consigue un entorno discreto en el que disfrutar de parte de la vida urbana cotidiana. En definitiva, un espacio perfecto para quienes lo frecuentan a diario, con una delicada y elegante fusión entre la arquitectura contemporánea y los atemporales y queridos «platos de cuchara» españoles.


Aitor Arregi governs what today is a mythical house revered by his own colleagues with the clairvoyance of someone who observes his beloved environment, interprets it and soaks the diner with the immense richness of the culinary landscape of Getaria. «Our cuisine is the Bay of Biscay and our cooks are the sailors», says the head of ‘Elkano’, who tries to keep to the letter the advice his father once gave him: «buy well and try not to spoil it». Freshness, seasonality and marine terroir unleash the magic over the glowing embers.

The eighth island

Now you have more reasons than ever to eat red meat. If you want to enjoy a delicious red meat in the form of steak, sirloin steak, entrecote…, you just have to take a walk around La Cabrera and come to meet us at Restaurante Casa Placi.
That’s why we don’t want you to miss this rice stew. In Restaurant Casa Placi we have this specialty and many more. Do not hesitate to come with your family or friends to enjoy a good gastronomic experience.
The Mediterranean diet is considered an ancient heritage that not only includes food, but can be understood as a cultural element. Keep in mind that it is the culmination of an interaction between geography, climate and historical events that have led to the use of a certain variety of foods, which are cooked and preserved in a special way.
It is a diet that benefits the physical and emotional health of the people who follow it. Due to its simplicity, it is endorsed as a dietary model by the WHO. Among its main properties we can highlight that it has healthy sources of fat, such as fish and nuts, or that it is rich in micronutrients, because it is composed of vegetables and herbs.