Paris dakar santiago de compostela

Paris dakar santiago de compostela


Another of the great establishments in Santiago, one of the best in the city, is this restaurant located in the middle of the Paris-Dakar route, ideal for groups, with exceptional seafood. Any recommendations? We will want to order everything, but we can’t miss the razor clams and scallops with prawns. Incredible!
It does not belong to the Paris-Dakar route, to be strict, but we can not set foot in Santiago without making a stop at La Tita. This place has become famous for having one of the best potato omelets in the city, which is not only delicious but also gigantic, and they serve a free tapa with every drink, which will make many of you leave the place with dinner.
Always crowded and atmospheric, it has become an attraction for tourists, locals and pilgrims thanks to word of mouth, and its bar is, day after day, one of the places with the best atmosphere in Santiago. The rest of the menu, with some Padrón peppers also remarkable, good empanada and other specialties, will also make us fall surrendered to its charms.

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Esta segunda ruta tiene ciertas cualidades en común con el rally París-Dakar. El objetivo de esta carrera es tomarse un vino Ribeiro -un blanco local- y una ración de tapas en cada uno de los 30 bares que hay entre el Bar París, en lo alto de la calle, y la Cafetería Dakar, en el otro extremo. Al igual que su hermano mayor, la extenuante persecución a través de los desiertos de Sudamérica, el Camino de Santiago es sólo para los aventureros; para aquellos dispuestos a poner a prueba su fuerza y resistencia.
Los orígenes de esta empresa son desconocidos. El recorrido se remonta en el tiempo, y lo cuentan los camareros de los establecimientos más antiguos de la ciudad, esos hombres que llevan un paño de cocina sobre los hombros y cuyas camisas ya no son blancas. Dicen que en tiempos pasados los primeros competidores eran héroes anónimos con hígados de hierro. Como ocurre con todas las leyendas urbanas, todo el mundo conoce a alguien que ha terminado la ruta. Sin embargo, los que han hecho el intento son escépticos ante tales historias. En realidad, hacia la mitad del recorrido, el habla normal se convierte en un balbuceo y la psicomotricidad degenera hasta el punto de que alcanzar el siguiente bar se convierte en una tarea casi imposible.

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The Paris-Dakar was a competition in which the participants had to go through all the establishments between these two bars drinking a “cunca” of wine in each of them. What is left of that tradition?
Although this route had been unofficially carried out before, it was the association Amigos de la Carallada Enxebre that gave it the character of a competition and created a whole series of rules. Thus, this “rally” would be held on Carnival Thursday and teams of eight people with at least one woman among its members could participate.
At the same time, each team was required in each bar to designate a member who, instead of drinking, had to perform a test -telling a joke, singing, dancing…- in front of the bartender, who would give him or her a score.
The trophy for this competition was not awarded to the winner, but to the team that had arrived at the destination having complied with the rules and in an acceptable state. Thus, whoever withstood these tests would receive a box of wine.

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In Santiago de Compostela there was a 160 meters long rally. It was three decades ago. It was called Paris-Dakar, like that of the pilots in the middle of the dunes with the broken down off-road vehicle and sweating under a helmet in 40 degrees in the shade.
Today there are hardly any memories left of those insane alcoholic adventures, but they are well worth as an excuse to see what things can be tried beyond the usual tourist tour of a cathedral that has been enduring our sorrows for more than eight centuries.
It was back in the 90s when a group of university students from Cangas do Morrazo put together a few pesetas to develop a well-known tour of the bars in the area as an excuse to have a good time and drink some wine in each tasca.
Today, far from recommending such insane madness, we can take a look at those places where you can relax with friends and escape from the hustle and bustle and the tourist franchises that contrast so much with the stones of the streets that support them.
Pilar Costoya is the fourth generation. Great-granddaughter of the founder, Marcelino García, she is the one who holds the reins of this centenary house together with her husband, pouring young wine and serving the same pork liver with onions that her grandmother used to cook. Don’t worry, there will be a fifth generation.

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