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From June 11th to June 22nd is the deadline to register online for teachers who want to access for the first time in the courses of the Integral Plan of language learning for teachers PIALP (only Valencian and English).
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The Consellería de Educación, Cultura y Deporte activates from July 3 to 14 the telematic admission of students for the next academic year 2020-2021 to the 24 Valencian official language schools (EOI) with a total of 85,425 places in 17 languages, 2,525 places more than in the current academic year.
This second batch, which will be launched in October, includes 8,160 vacancies in complementary training courses aimed at working on oral skills, initiation groups or to prepare for the certification and improvement tests, plus another 5,297 places in media libraries for self-learning languages.
The admission process is carried out telematically on the website ‘’. Applicants can choose a maximum of three languages and up to 50 time combinations with the possibility of selecting several EOI.
The procedure is fast and agile. Since July 3, people who want to apply for admission must generate the key to do the telematic processing in the ‘Admission key’ window of ‘’.

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Emmanuel visited our school from March 27 to April 8, 2017, with the idea of comparing educational systems and seeing different methodologies. In addition to our school, he went to visit also the high school of Silla IES SANCHIS GUARNER, where EOI has a classroom. In all groups the experience was very good because, in addition to being in contact with a French-speaking person and making an effort to practice the language, the classes were more motivating as they were different from the usual.
In the 2nd year of A2 the students were very excited to receive a native French teacher. Emmanuel encouraged them to speak by asking them questions so that they could introduce themselves and talk about themselves. From these brief introductions the vocabulary of the professions was covered and the students in turn asked questions about him, his profession and France.    The conversation led to an interesting talk about the French education system, which Emmanuel explained in detail.