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Elizabeth Arden is one of the most recognized cosmetic brands for its quality, elegance and beauty salons with the representative Red Door. It was founded by the Canadian Florence Nightingale Graham whose motto was that «there are no ugly women, but women who neglect their beauty». She sought to revolutionize the world of cosmetics and opted to create creams and lotions with the aim of enhancing feminine care.
In 1912, she opened her first beauty salon, «Red Door», on New York’s emblematic Fifth Avenue, no less. In this exclusive and luxurious salon, she maintained the integral concept of beauty and developed all kinds of treatments.
Elizabeth Arden perfumes help you create your own identity, accentuating beauty. Each of the Elizabeth Arden fragrances allows you to enter a range of new olfactory and memory-creating experiences.

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A century ago, Elizabeth Arden transformed the American people’s way of thinking about beauty. This enterprising woman was born in rural Canada, from where she moved to New York, where she opened her first salon «Red Door».
Elizabeth Arden, an enterprising woman ahead of her time who revolutionized the world of skin care creams, was the author of famous phrases such as: «To be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman» or «There are no ugly women, only women who neglect their beauty». With them she sponsored her passion for cosmetology, in which she founded her profession developing it from her first beauty salon on «New York’s Fifth Avenue», the famous red door salon that gave its name to one of her great perfumes «Red Door» in 1989.
Elizabeth Arden began her foray into the magical world of perfumery in 1935 with the perfume «Blue Grass» which was followed by many of Elizabeth Arden’s current best-selling perfumes, such as «5th Avenue», «Green Tea», «SunFlowers», «Pretty» or «Mediterranean».

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Retinol Ceramide Capsules Night Serum by Elizabeth Arden is a moisturizing formula that delivers the powerful benefits of Retinol (clinically proven anti-wrinkle) to eliminate wrinkles, improve hydration and repair the skin barrier.
My personal opinion: It is a product that leaves you with wonderful skin, at least at the moment you put it on. Then throughout the day your skin looks normal. It helps me to keep my skin hydrated but without making it greasy and I look more beautiful. The problem with this product is the price which is 50€ and it seems too much, so I will keep the ones I have left and look for similar products.