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No need to be fancy, just an overview.Create your own unique website with customizable templates. After his successful spell at Madrid, Redondo during a Real Madrid-Milan Champions League match, he did not play much for the Albiceleste, one of the reasons why he did not play for the national team was his confrontation with Daniel Passarella for refusing to cut his hair. A sporting life only reserved for the greats.Fernando Redondo at the Carlos Belmonte in Albacete.in a friendly match against UD Las Palmas at the Francisco Peraza.with the shirt of his country’s national team.with Natalia Solari, Jorge Solari’s daughter, whom he would meet on the island and marry.the most famous photo of Redondo’s stay on the island, with Diego Maradona in the Tenerife-Sevilla match in January 1993. PHOTOS / The demonstration against the prospections in La Gomera,GALLERY: of the demolition of a shack by El Confital,Canary Islands, a single voice against oil,PHOTOS: The Police evict the Puerta del Sol to install a huge portrait of Felipe and Letizia,PHOTOS | Other «historic moments» of the Plaza de Oriente.Our journalism is independent because we only owe it to our readers. The operation, under the command of

Fernando redondo, the son of the legendary argentinean crack, made his debut

«The referee cautioned me in the Copa, it was a beautiful thing. If I commit a foul and they realize it, it means that I am a healthy player», said Redondo, in an interview published today, Thursday, by the Roman sports daily «Corriere dello Sport Stadio».
Redondo considers it «normal» that Solari is worried: «Who wouldn’t be in his place, this dispute between Inter and Real Madrid, he didn’t like it and we are also a little upset. Santi, like all footballers, wants to play and win, but how can he do that if he doesn’t know his future?

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It was going to be an interim coach, but Real Madrid yesterday ratified Santiago Hernán Solari as coach of the first team. Santiago Hernán Solari during one of his trial matches on the Real Madrid bench. / cordon press.ANITA GUERRA
Little is known about his intimate life. To say the least. Since it was announced that he would take over Madrid’s first team, the media have tried to find a loophole through which to slip in. They have not found it. There is more information about
Initially, Solari was going to be a ‘bridge’ coach. Someone to save the furniture in what the white entity found, as stated in its statement, a coach to manage the large amount of
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-I never allowed myself to do so. Thank God everything I achieved was due to my performance, my conduct and my care; I didn’t have to resort to anything strange to stand out. I insist: everyone played the way they wanted to play, there was help and you could get the advantage in any way you wanted. Facing a team that doped was like facing 13 players, a big disadvantage. Beyond the cheating, those boys didn’t understand that it didn’t kill them at the moment but it ruined their lives later, that they died sooner.
-We made a club to play in the Rosario league, and then we had the great joy of qualifying for the National ’82 and ’83. We thought of a club that had a better formation of players, since the most recognized clubs in general had a very basic formation in the lower leagues. Then we competed, we did well and in the first Nacional we beat Racing 5-1, we beat Vélez and we were close to go to the finals, but we could not support the team economically, and besides, the city was already divided between two clubs. We did everything on our own: salaries, travel, clothing, and with 500 members you can’t even play in the first division of the Rosario league. You need money to maintain that and to buy players.