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-French/Lessons/Complete text Introduction La hora 1. Se présenter / Introduce yourself 2. Grammaire de base / Grammar 3. Voyager / Traveling 4. Verbes / Verbs 5. Récréation / Recreation 6. Le passé / Past 7. L’école / School 9. La nourriture et les boissons / Food and drink 10. Faire des courses / Shopping 11. La maison / The house 12. Le corps / The body 13. La culture française / French culture
The French, like most Spanish speakers, greet other people with a firm handshake and a kiss on the cheek depending on how familiar they are; the difference is that not only one kiss is used but up to four depending on the region. Another difference with some Spanish speaking countries is that within the family men also greet each other with kiss(es) on the cheeks.
In this part we will learn some vocabulary concerning the classroom and common phrases regarding a classroom, we will also learn to ask What is this? What is the? and to count from 1 to 99.

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-You know, the chemtrails that planes leave behind; nobody knows what they are, but many of us are convinced that they are spraying us with chemicals or biological agents for hidden purposes… it’s all part of a plan, you know? Internet is nothing more than an evolved version of the Stasi and KGB methods to keep the population under surveillance; chemtrails are another tool of control, with which they intend to dominate our minds, the weather, the crops…
-I am more and more convinced, Alberto. I think governments have realized that the Internet is a very powerful tool, and they are using it. It’s the Cold War all over again, but without missiles; they have to do it because the others are already doing it, and they can’t afford to be left behind.
You don’t understand me, Pedro; I don’t doubt that there is an undercurrent of truth in what you say; after all, technology has always been a double-edged sword. But since we have it here, and we can’t escape it, you should focus on taking advantage of its good side instead of worrying so much about its dark side …

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is perfectly acceptable for an Azcona who, by providing coherence, enriches the proposed material.        Azcona will approach his second collaboration with Saura for the gestation of the film that concerns us this afternoon: La madriguera (The Burrow). In the summer of 1968, Azcona will be asked again by Saura to work on the film
Ulargui. Far from the interests that would be presupposed to an aristocrat -let us not forget that he was Count of Berlanga de Duero-, the keys to the later Nevillean universe were already outlined in this film,
Neville to put into images, in the summer of 1941, a dozen famous songs by renowned authors. These short films – intended to be used as complements in the programs – can be considered as precursors of the

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March 1996: «ETERNAMENTE…». We return to the Uranio 235 studio, this time Chuy Madrid together with Héctor Barajas participate as recording engineers; one of the most outstanding songs in this 2nd production is the track «ANTIDEPRIMENTE».
«SOMBRA» tells the story of a character who will seek revenge for having lost his love in the arms of himself, a song inspired by cases of dissociative identity disorder, seeking to musically color the phases in which the character loses his sanity.
«CÁLLATE» retakes the band’s comic style creating a sort of march to the tantrum and exaggeration to despair, whether in reaction to impotence, injustice, lies, human stupidity, etc.
«TIEMPO PERDIDO» is about the mistakes we can make sometimes due to immaturity, fear and/or insecurity, as part of a learning process in love and that many times it is too late, many of us learn and move on, but others do not.