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The best paella in the world is made by david domingo from teruel.

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This is how David Moreno comments on his recent appointment: «I am excited to join such an innovative, young and challenging project, which helps the sector to make increasingly precise strategic decisions for the optimization of its advertising buying and selling strategies».
Founded in 2016, adjinn has quickly positioned itself as a major player in the national advertising world thanks to the effectiveness of its benchmarking meter, being one of the most recognized companies by organizations such as the IAB. Since its origin, its Big Data and machine learning technologies have proven to be an essential tool to help agencies, brands and publishers improve and optimize their online advertising investments.
The acquisition of new talent, such as David Moreno, is a further step in its growth and a consolidation of its position as one of the leading players in the online advertising landscape.

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It’s hard to imagine the heroes of many films without a glass in their hand, a glass of wine, champagne or something stronger. Sometimes alcohol plays an important role in the film’s plot, sometimes it’s a characteristic, and sometimes it’s just a curious detail. Here’s a look at five interesting films whose characters didn’t mind a drink.
Two hands, an Australian winery, is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year – not much for the wine industry. But in that time, the owners have managed to create a winery whose wines have almost immediately won over fans. Among them was the famous wine critic Robert Parker, who recognized Two hands as one of the best producers south of the equator.
Whiskey is «water of life» in Gaelic, and it is from this language that «Akentoshan» translates as «corner of the field,» where «aken» is corner and «toshan» is field. Of course, there is no longer any field, because more than two hundred years have passed since the origin of distillery, but the producer has preserved the historical name, as well as traditions of quality production of Scottish water of life.

Пласидо доминго – amor vida de mi vida (из фильма «маравилья»)

В этом описательном, несравнительном исследовании фазы III оценивалась безопасность и переносимость вакцин против сезонного гриппа, полученных из культур клеток (TIVc) и яиц (TIV), у детей с риском осложнений, связанных с гриппом.
Четыреста тридцать испытуемых были рандомизированы 2:1 на TIVc или TIV. Субъекты в возрасте от 3 до <9 лет получили одну дозу (если ранее были привиты, n=89) или две дозы (если ранее не были привиты, n=124) исследуемых вакцин; дети в возрасте от 9 до <18 лет (n=213) получили одну дозу. Реактогенность оценивалась в течение 7 дней после вакцинации; безопасность контролировалась в течение 6 месяцев.
После любой вакцинации наиболее часто регистрируемым местным нежелательным явлением (НЯ) была нежность/боль (TIVc 44%, 66%, 53% и TIV 56%, 51%, 65% в возрастных группах от 3 до <6 лет, от 6 до <9 лет, и 9 до <18 лет, соответственно), а системным АЭ была раздражительность (22% TIVc, 24% TIV) у детей от 3 до <6 лет и головная боль у детей от 6 до <9 лет (20% TIVc, 13% TIV) и 9 до <18 лет (21% TIVc, 26% TIV). Случаев тяжелой лихорадки (≥40°C) не было. Серьезных АЭ, связанных с вакциной, отмечено не было. Новое начало хронического заболевания было зарегистрировано у ≤1% испытуемых.