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Offer now to your clients the great world trend in body treatments: Aesthetic Musculation. Differentiate yourself, turn your center into the great reference in your market. Go to another level with Wonder.
mesoprotech is the innovative range that offers the most advanced and complete photoprotective technology, protecting against the harmful effects produced by UVB and UVA radiation, as well as infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV).
Beauty Market offers customers and companies in the sector a new multidisciplinary space where to hold company events, promotions, etc. in order to give a new impetus and support to the beauty sector in our country.
Discover the SPA Jungle Tropicale line and let yourself be seduced by our vegan products, with BIO formulas and ingredients, clean and natural, made in France, with melting and creamy textures and delicate fragrances.
Offer now to your clients the great world trend in body treatments: Aesthetic Musculation. Differentiate yourself, turn your center into the great reference in your market. Go to another level with Wonder.

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Regarding her beginnings and the difficulties she has had to face, Pamela indicates that «it has been difficult to take off, like any beginning of an enterprise, but to date we are already 10 people working to achieve our goal of becoming the first Integral center that contributes to the professional growth of women and helps to form enterprises in the field of manicure, with solid bases and international education within the reach of our national reality».
Finally, and regarding her experience with Corporación Mujeres Emprendedoras, Pamela Parra emphasizes that «it has been great, Johanna is an incredible woman who has supported me a lot, for which I am very grateful, so that women who want to undertake, but need help to materialize their business ideas, I recommend 1000% and with closed eyes to approach the Corporation».
Camino El Alba #8760, Local 3. Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information visit or contact us at +56233234220 – +56955359470 / [email protected]


The Online Mode will allow you to study from anywhere in the world making your personal life compatible with your academic and work life, managing your time better, you will have the possibility to learn all the techniques and specialized contents in each course personally guided by our Academic Director, who will assure you to deliver the corresponding content to obtain the adequate learning that will transform you into a successful professional.
These courses are focused on training and improving professionals in the field of Manicure with a high standard of international quality by providing techniques recognized worldwide which will allow you to effectively enter the working world.
In our academy there are two types of consulting, business consulting and personal consulting, which are focused on helping to solve business problems, professional and personal nature associated with the area of beauty, these are personalized and focused on generating an analysis and report 100% effective in solving the problem.

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Era popular entre la élite o la clase media, e integraba las características de la cabaña de nipa con el estilo, la cultura y la tecnología de la arquitectura china y española. El siglo XIX fue la edad de oro de estas casas, cuando los filipinos adinerados construyeron casas finas por todo el archipiélago. Un ejemplo de arquitectura filipina bahay na bato
El mismo estilo arquitectónico se utilizó en los conventos, monasterios, escuelas, hoteles, fábricas y hospitales de Filipinas de la época española, y en algunos edificios escolares de la época estadounidense de Gabaldón, todo ello con pocas adaptaciones[3]. Después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, la construcción de estas casas decayó y finalmente se detuvo en favor de la arquitectura moderna posterior a la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
Aunque el término filipino bahay na bato significa «casa de piedra», estas casas no son totalmente de piedra; en algunas predominan los materiales de madera, y en otras más modernas se utilizan materiales de hormigón. El nombre se aplicó a la arquitectura con el paso de las generaciones, porque a diferencia de su predecesor bahay kubo, que está totalmente hecho de materiales orgánicos, utiliza materiales de piedra[3].