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The «Ley de la silla», the name given to «Ley N° 2951 que establece el descanso en silla a los empleados particulares», was a Chilean law enacted on December 7, 1915,[1] during the government of Ramón Barros Luco, which established the obligation for owners of commercial establishments to provide chairs for their workers. It was one of the first achievements of the workers’ movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Chile. Currently its rules are contained in the Labor Code.
Art. 2.º In the establishments indicated in the previous article, the dependents or employees shall have the right to a break of at least one hour and a half for lunch. The suspension of work may be alternated among the employees of the same establishment and shall not necessarily be simultaneous for all of them.
Each infraction to the dispositions of the present law shall be punished with a fine of ten pesos, which shall be paid into the communal coffers. It will correspond to the respective Municipalities the vijilancia and the application of these dispositions in the form established by the law.

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Hello everyone and happy holidays; a question; the truth is that I just found out that sofa and armchair are two different things; I thought they were synonyms but it turns out that armchair is only for one person and sofa for two or more.
I use the word sofa sometimes, (my living room set is only two sofas) but I commonly use sillón for everything, I usually refer to them as el sillón grande, el sillón mediano, etc.and I think that’s how it’s used around me.
Well, my compatriots have given me the reason that here in Mexico we are a bit uneducated about sofas he he he he; and indeed, just to reaffirm, we do use sofa but only in the case of sofa-bed; yes, we never say armchair-bed.
Well, my compatriots have given me the reason that here in Mexico we are a bit uneducated about sofas he he he he; and indeed just to reaffirm, we do use sofa but only in the case of sofa-bed; that yes, we never say armchair-bed.
I know the difference, and I have it clear… although I call them all «armchairs» in a general way, what I do know is that I had a living room with two sofas and an armchair (and the difference was clear, at least for me, and that’s how I used to handle it, there were never three armchairs, one single-seater, one double-seater and the biggest one triple-seater).

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La Silla Académica interviewed Carolina Cepeda, professor of social movements and international relations at the Universidad Javeriana, author of «Resistencias contra el neoliberalismo: una conceptualización de su ejercicio entre lo local y lo global» and «La ciudad de Bogotá: entre el «giro a la izquierda» y el «giro a la derecha» en América Latina», on how the evolution of social mobilizations in the world has been, what they respond to and what can be expected from them.
Cepeda questions the belief that Colombians do not mobilize and analyzes the effects that President Iván Duque’s measures and even the results of these elections may have on social mobilization.
C.C.: One does not have to be a leftist to march and in that sense the case of the yellow vests in France is interesting. In those mobilizations there was also a convergence of conservative, protectionist sectors that opposed neo-liberalism in the way it was affecting them, which was the increase in gasoline prices.

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The first thing to check is that the chairs have European or American certification. The seals are usually found on the bottom or sides of the chairs. They must also have a label indicating that they are Conaset approved.
There are three systems for fastening the seat to the car: Isofix, Latch or with the car’s seat belt. Before buying a seat, it is necessary to check that the type of anchorage fits in the car. Not all vehicles have Isofix anchorages, for example. However, all three systems are equally safe and effective if used correctly.